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David Robb

The founder of RHT SpectraSafe, Mr. Robb has extensive expertise in development and project management of microwave systems, biophysics programs, development engineering, including 10 years of medical device development/management, and over 10 years experience developing RF systems for telecommunications applications.  He holds patents on spread spectrum technology cited as prior art over 60 times.  His experience includes over 30 years developing intellectual property for a variety of firms, and over 5 years as a professional patent analyst.


John Tugwell

Secure Information Channel Technology development. Advanced Scanning Technology for Security, Medical and Military application development


Tom Loker

Tom brings amazing creativity and vision in advising winning business strategies, helping with technology, corporate finance, marketing and sales, operations, organizational development, risk mitigation, productivity 

Business Advisor

Michael Hentschel

Michael is a Strategic Venture Executive and Change Agent, including since 1987, CEO of TechVest Ventures, an international accelerator. Michael applies deep experience in Business Development and Board Management, and as VP of Sales previously. In the 80's, he co-managed VC Funds such as $58-million Schroder Ventures in Silicon Valley, with superior 27% annual returns in his deals. In addition to a Kellogg MBA and Yale BA, ongoing educational involvements have included teaching Executive MBA’s at Duke-Fuqua, publishing market research books and four years of the bi-weekly TechVest Econometrics Magazine. As full-time CFO at Desktone Boston, and CFO at Resilience Mountain View, he raised $17 million and $10 million respectively. Michael has helped 40+ top-quality venture CEO’s raise $140+ million in equity.


Igor Tilinin

PhD Physicist, radiation physics, mathematics, scientist Moscow Institute for Physics and Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, has over 80 published papers  He has several publications in absorption spectroscopy, and has a background in commercial software development.

Vice President, Research & Development

Mihaela Robb

Mihaela holds a MS in Computer Science, and has over 10 years experience in building enterprise quality web-based applications, web services, systems integrations, extensions, and interfaces.  She has developed and implemented large-scale web based systems in Germany and in the United States.  She is fluent in several computer languages, as well as four European languages.

Senior Software Engineer

Steve Wolff

Steve Wolff has 32 years experience developing & marketing advanced security scanners based on X-ray, radio frequency and neutron inspection technologies, specifically with planning, development, trials, government and industry outreach. He was a cofounder of - and V.P., Marketing & Engineering for - Quantum Magnetics and InVision Technologies (both now Morpho Detection) where he helped bring the successful CTX-5000 and various passenger, bag-borne weapons & explosives detection systems to market.  In 2010, IATA selected him to lead the development team for its risk-based Checkpoint of the Future vision.  He serves on various advisory boards and his industry peers voted him Vice Chair of the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Illicit Substance Detection and its 2016 successor, the Concealed Explosives Detection Workshop.

Director, Product Development

Tim Rayner

Dr. Rayner is a well regarded expert in security technologies with broad experience covering both bulk and trace detection modalities such as X-ray (including multi-energy x-ray detection), computed tomography (CT), quadrupole resonance (QR), magnetic resonance (MR), inductive metal detection, standoff and extractive optical trace detection systems for explosives, narcotics and chemical weapons.  Prior to Bagtronics, Dr Rayner held senior positions at Rapiscan Security Systems, QR Sciences, InVision Technologies and Quantum Magnetics (now both Morpho Detection), leading the development of quadrupole resonance (QR) based explosive detection systems for various threat vectors including; checked baggage, checkpoint, cargo and infrastructure protection.

Bagtronics, Ltd

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