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Developing Advanced Scanning Technologies

We chose security systems as our initial focus because of a timely need and relatively simple market entry.  Airports are obvious locations for our systems, but other transportation centers, sports events, public and private buildings, and many other areas also have need for effective, low-cost security scanning systems. 

The technology does not use harmful radiation such as x-rays, nor does it require image formation for detection, thus preserving privacy.

We built a proof-of-concept system, and have demonstrated the ability to detect and identify pure substances.  Additional work is required in more advanced detection algorithms, next generation hardware, and in adding more materials to our database.

We have filed patent applications, and are currently seeking next-stage development funding.  We will be continuing development of our hardware and software, constructing a full scale demonstration system, and, of course, continuing our market development work.

RHT SpectraSafe, Inc. is a young company founded in 2011 to develop a radically new scanning technology with a broad range of applications. 


Unique capabilities include the ability to detect materials within the body, as well as substances outside the body surface.  In addition to detection, though, our approach can also identify materials that have been detected.  Detectable materials are limited largely by our database.  These materials include explosives, drugs, most biological and tissue substances, as well as metals and some inorganics.

The range of applications we can address is very broad. 

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