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There are extensive medical applications for the SpectraSafe scanning technology. 

While many applications do not require or produce images, our scanning approach is easily adapted to develop high resolution imagery similar to CAT scans or MRIs, only without the x-ray hazards or noise.  We expect to be able to achieve high resolution so that fine details can be explored.


There are indications that certain tissue types, such as many tumors, can be more easily detected with our system than through more conventional approaches. 


One of the significant costs of recycling is material sorting.  While separation technologies have continued to move forward, identification and classification of materials is still usually left to human workers.  The automated detection and identification capabilities of the SpectraSafe technology provide a low-cost alternative to the tedious and error prone human sorting process. 

Most recycling centers already have conveyor systems to bring recycling materials for sorting.  Introduction of an identification system based on the SpectraSafe technology, it is a simple matter to apply automated sorting technologies to reduce costs, as well as increase the speed and accuracy of sorting.  The net result could mean the difference between a profitable operation and one that requires subsidies to operate - always a challenging municipal budget issue.

Food Inspection

Food safety is a serious concern.  We count on the foods we eat to be fresh and wholesome, free from decay, disease, and foreign substances.  We have many ways that are used to ensure the quality of our foods, including source controls, pesticides, preservatives, and inspection.  Meats, fruits, and vegetables in particular are subject to numerous inspections.  While reasonably effective, nearly all inspections can only find what is visible on the surface of the food.  If the food contains internal hazards not visible on the outside, or is packaged, inspection is generally ineffective. 

The SpectraSafe technology's ability to detect internal, hidden substances provides a fast and safe supplement to, or even replacement of visual inspection. 

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